Jul 2024

Women & Men München AW 24/25 Review

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WM_Muc Pressemitteilung 15.02.2024

The four order fair days of Supreme Women&Men Munich have shown: The order platform in the strong Munich location is an integral part of it!

An unprecedented level of encouragement inspired The Supreme Group's order fair in Munich. From the very first day of the fair, the corridors were very busy, the frequency of buyers and visitors was high, and the exhibitors' stands were intensively sighted, ordered and, above all, discussed the coming period in retail.


Buyers traveled to MTC on Saturday before the start of the trade fair at 9 a.m. to discover all the important collections and trends with enough time. Sunday was the strongest day for Supreme Women&Men Munich, but Monday and Tuesday also remained consistently good. The high frequency and positive atmosphere surprised not only the team from The Supreme Group led by Aline Müller-Schade. Rather, everyone involved, from exhibitors to retailers to buyers, was surprised. The order platform was operating at 100% capacity, which not only confirmed The Supreme Group's actions, but also sent a clear positive signal for retailers. The organizer delivered with his concept, selection of collections and exhibitors.

It is now time to transfer this optimism into the sales season and into retail.

Since The Supreme Group was founded over 17 years ago, we have experienced a lot in recent years. There have always been ups and downs in our business. Nevertheless, we started every season with an optimistic view of the future

and have tried to make our customers and partners happy despite the market economy and to offer them the working environment they need. What we were able to experience at this Supreme Women&Men is unique — uniquely positive. The encouragement of our exhibitors and visitors shows us that we have done everything right so far, that we have trusted our intuition. Our community strengthens each other, in good times and bad. I was more than pleased with this unique feeling. ” Aline Müller-Schade, Managing Partner, The Supreme Group.


Exhibitor and visitor testimonials also confirm this edition of Supreme Women&Men Munich.

Gitta Banko, Gitta Banko-The Label:

“The trade fair was great for me. It was the right place and the right competitors. I had heard of Supreme Women&Men Munich many times, but had never been there before. It was very surprising to me how many visitors were at the trade fair and I was also able to write to many new customers. I've heard from the customers themselves how beautiful and special the Supreme Women&Men in Munich is. This exhibition is really the best platform for us. ”

Claudia Rauch, from willow:

“I'm going into the coming season full of optimism. The Supreme Women&Men wasn't just busy and successful for us: There was writing and sighting everywhere. ”

Peter Lohel, Sem Per Lei. :

“We wrote to a lot of new customers at Supreme Women&Men Munich. Even though many, including us, rely on a showroom, local presence at Supreme Women&Men is essential for ordering. The question now is whether a year-round showroom still makes sense for the business as we have lived it so far. ”

The upcoming summer edition, spring/summer 2025 season, takes place from August 10 - 13, 2024 instead of.

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